Friday, September 29, 2017

When I'm gone...

Everyone goes! Sometimes it's temporary...sometimes it's permanent.

The pain of that loss is the price we pay for loving someone sooo much. But, it's worth the pain!

I lost my Romeo this week. He was MY first horse. He was full of piss n vinegar if you were riding but a true gentleman on the ground. Never a kick or bite...and ALWAYS a nicker when I went to see him. Gentle with everyone. He lived a loooong life...31 and in horse years that's quite old.

The grieving process is a strange one. Of course, there are tears as you stroke their face and hold them as the life drains away. Then comes the anger. Intense fury!

Then comes the numbness. And you wonder why doesn't it hurt? Why don't I cry? Then your met with the silence at the gate or a song plays on the radio and it all rushes in. He has left an everlasting mark on my heart.

Thanks Bubba...sure going to miss will Rio.

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