Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sun will come out Tomorrow...

A good friend of mine has recently began performing in Live theater. He has performed in two plays so far and they were both wonderful. His most recent was "Annie". While my guys went hunting, his wife and I went to see the performance. The talent on that stage from the children, the adults, the orchestra and the dog was FANTASTIC! The little girl playing Annie is 11 years old and WOW....what a talent! Her voice is strong and beautiful.

Annie, Sandy and Lt Ward

This was Medfords first scene with the extremely talented Courtney, and of course her beloved stray dog, Sandy. He played three different roles for this particular play.

The girls who played the orphans were funny, adorable and positively brilliant. Medford said backstage they were typical little kids...running around being mischeivous. But when they were given their que to be ready they snapped to quiet attention. He was as impressed with their professionalism behind the scenes. Strong voices, well learned choreography and cute as the dickens...yep they had it all going on.

Tap dancers...WOW!
When the dancers added their tap shoes I was so excited! Not only because I could listen to tap dancing for hours, but because my Mom tap dances and was looking forward to sharing how good they did with her. 

Annie and Sandy
And lastly, but in my opinion, the MOST important part...Sandy! The dog is NOT a professionally training dog. Nope, he is from the local shelter. He is beautiful and was very well behaved. Courtney and her family took him home so he could get used to them. As luck would have it, they fell in love with him and adopted him. AND there was a little beagle puppy in the scene with the dog warden and he too has been adopted by a cast member.

I just can't say enough about what a good time we had. If you have a theater close by, take the time to go see won't be sorry.