Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finding a balance in 2012...

As most people these days, I'm always running in many different directions. Wether it's school functions, work or household chores...it always seems there's more to do than time permits. It's no wonder we live in a depressed obese world. I am committed to finding a balance for my world in 2012. That does not mean my life is going to as seemingly organized and mello as Martha Stewart's...but more than it is right now.

I've made a mental list of the things that are on the top of my priority list. My family, my business and my physical fitness. I believe the first thing I need to do is get organized! Yes, easier said than done...but necessary. I am calmer and more efficient when I know where I'm going, when, with who and have what I need to take with me. It's very upsetting to me to spend time looking for things that where "right there" and forgetting things when I'm too far from home to return for them. I like being ready for meetings and events. And the things I hate the most is forgetting a school function...i.e. picture day...GRRR.

If you were to look at the blogs I follow or my Pinterest account you would see I follow a lot of "foodie" blogs and organizing blogs. One my favorites is "Ask Anna". She is giving me (and hopefully you) the kick in the pants to get started. She has set up a 14 day cleaning plan to help us have sparkling homes. I can tell you from experience, once you get one area clean it's like an addiction...you want them ALL clean. Here's Anna's link if you want to join us. Day 1 is taking down and putting away all of the Christmas decorations. My addition would be to donate any unused decorations to a local shelter.

Another blog I enjoy that has many many homemade cleaners is One Good Thing by Jillee Oh the money you will save!  Not only on cleaners, but being able to "save" items from the trash because you will be able to get out the stains or repair it.

So join me, won't you! Let's get organized and find a balance in 2012. Let's get happier and healthier and enjoy everyday...because as I always say...each day is a gift!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A season of compassion?

At this time of year everyone is so much more likely to be compassionate, caring and giving. While this is wonderful...shouldn't we ALWAYS be like that? Isn't that what we are called to do in the Bible...CARE? I am as guilty as the next person of getting wrapped up in the everyday freight train called life, that I forget go the extra step to be compassionate, caring and giving. But I do remind myself, on a regular basis, to stop and TAKE THE TIME.

When I saw the post over at The Life of a Suburban Princess it spurred me to share it with you. Like her, I'm happy to say several things on the list I do on a regular basis. But I'm going to see how many I can "check-off" the list before Christmas. And will definitely make several more part of my everyday life.

So in this season of hustle and bustle, black friday mayhem, and trying to find the perfect gift. Remember...He gave us the perfect gift.

I added #26 because I whole-heartedly believe we should do this on a regular basis. These families give sooo much every day...missed birthdays and holidays, hugs and kisses, soccer games and bedtime stories. A simple thank you, a cup of coffee, a smile...something small in the face of their huge task.

I will work at keeping you updated on my progress and linking back to the Princess' site. Join me...won't you?

1. Work at a soup kitchen
2. Deliver gifts or goodies to your neighbours
3. Pay for the person in line behind you in the coffee shop
4. Host or participate in a food drive
5. Work at the food bank for a day
6. Tip your mail carrier and delivery person
7. Donate used books and magazines to a library or doctor's office
8. Offer babysitting services to a friend
9. Deliver care packages to the homeless
10. Visit a nursing home
11. Deliver goodies to your local fire and police stations
12. Smile at strangers and say hello
13. Hold the door for everyone you see going into a building and ask them to do the same
14. Write snail mail to 5 people
15. Deliver old towels and blankets to the animal shelter
16. Give your spare change (or more) to someone in need
17. Over tip your waiter/waitress
18. Send letters or care packages to soldiers
19. Forgive someone
20. Take a meal or coffee to an elderly person
21. Leave a wake up surprise for your spouse or children next to their bed
22. Start a conversation with a new person, welcome them to your community
23. Write a letter to a parent you admire letting them know what a great job they are doing with their kids
24. Compliment 10 people
25. Send a text/email to someone you haven't spoken to for a while and let them know you are thinking about them
26. Shake the hand of a veteran or soldier thanking them for their sacrifice and service.