Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A first for me...

What an amazing day it's been! Several weeks ago my friend, Teresa, mentioned they had started kayaking. I was so curious and was hoping she would take me with her one day. Well TODAY was that day. Teresa, Jacquie and I headed to a local lake and enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous summer day!

We have all been friends for years and years. We live within 15 minutes of each other but (sadly) do not take the time, make the time, to do things together. We each have 2 children, one of each with the oldest being a daughter.


We were sooo excited to get together and do something adventurous and physical. Teresa brought all of the equipment; kayaks, paddles, life vests and waterproof/floating cases for our phones. When we first got in the kayaks you felt really wobbly. But in no time at all I was very comfortable and stable.

We paddled up one side of the lake and back down the other. Teresa wanted to show us this lovely house with a beautiful waterfall. I was amazed at just how pretty it was. All of the houses lining Guilford lake are set up for relaxation...lawn chairs, big decks and fire pits...ahhh!

When we got close to the beach area we noticed a ball floating in the water. Teresa sped up ahead (that girl can fly when she wants to) unfortunately she overshot the ball and her wake sent the ball to the docks. She paddled to the shore and tried to retrieve it with her paddle. It made a quick retreat under a pontoon boat.

On our way back of the other side of the lake we stopped at Mark's Landing for lunch. We "parked" our kayaks between the boulder riddled shore and the docks. Getting back in is the hardest part...that's when it feels the most "tippy". I was holding mine next to the dock to allow the other ladies room to maneuver and decided I could probably jump in mine with no I did! The girls looked at me with wide eyes and just started laughing...yep Good times!

For the ending to a perfect day we paddled down by the damn and over to see the geese. The were fine with us until we got too close.