Saturday, July 30, 2011


This post will have very few photos. While I love to look at pics from other blogs...I want you to "see" the pics in your mind.

What brings you comfort? That kind of comfort that makes you sigh and calms your soul. Makes all the days worries and stesses fade away. All is right with the world....if only for a few moments.

Is it in the evening when the chores are done and your family has settled in for an evening of television and nummies (snacks)?

Is it watching your children sleep peacefully?

Is it sharing time with your aging Mama?

Staring at a camp fire on a cool summer evening?

Rolling over to snuggle with your honey?

One of the things I have always loved is....water! On a sweltering, hot, humid day to feel the cool water of a shower wash over your body,,,ahhh pure relaxation. On a cold winter morning, feeling the steaming shower warm your know the kind when you don't want to turn off the shower. The local pool for the kids on a steamy summer day!

But my favorite water is night time water. Picture a backyard pool or spa with the blue lights glowing. The steam rolling on the waters surface. Your on the lake and the full moon is shimmering across the water as the sound of little waves lap against the boat. Or if you are on the river to see the skyline reflected on the water. Ahhh night time water is definitely my favorite.

My dream is to have a lap pool/hot tub out back. To end my day relaxing in a swirling tub, the cool night air washing over my skin as the days stresses float that is a little piece of heaven...right here on earth!


Vee said...

The touch of a hand is more what I think about when I think of comfort or a hug. That's a lovely photo of the lights on the water...

Shelly Schmidt said...

Here from your Mom's blog-I grew up with a river in my backyard- nothing is more peaceful to me than the sound of water or pictures of it- and I LOVE blue (and pink). I am really loving your scenic city on the water photo!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW! I'm impressed .. this was a really cool posting and had my mind wandering! All of those things you mentioned are wonderful in their own way aren't they!!
Thanks for 'taking me away' ... even if just for a few moments!

(p.s. am I the 'aging Mama' you referred to??? Hmmmm!

Barbara said...

When I think of comfort, I think of a hug. I too grew up near water and love the ocean. It is my favorite vacation spot no matter which ocean it is ;) I came from your Mom's blog and am now proud follower 24. I have enjoyed visiting you blog. If you have a moment you might like to visit my blog and follow, if you wish. Hugs.

Charlene said...

I'm here from you mom's blog...thanks for getting her hooked by the way lol. My favorite comfort is sitting by a campfire by the water. I grew up in a family that loved to camp...and more often we were by some form of water...whether it was a lake or a stream or a river, it didn't matter, just the sound of the fire crackling and the gurgle or lapping of the water was enough to sweep all of your troubles away and just give you such a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. Although...I could get very used to a hot tub like the one you posted lol. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images with us.

Amanda said...

What a lovely blogpost, I want that pool tool.

I for myself find my comfort in being around with horses, I'll get mine at the end of the month, after beeing on hold for a few years. AFter a day at the office and running around, taking care of him rests my soul and feels being part of Nature.