Sunday, June 19, 2011

New place to trod...

It has been way way too long since my last post...sorry. So busy! Usual work stuff plus summer activities (yard work, drag racing, etc...) plus added exercise back into my schedule. I have not liked my floors since we bought our house 16 years ago :( I finally had the boost I needed to get it done! My Mom got new carpet in her big beautiful house so she blessed me with her old carpet...and it's only about 10 years old (at best).

I had not intended to purchase new flooring for my dining room...was hoping floor hiding under the carpet would be sound enough to refinish. But, as usual, it did not work out that way. My carpet is at least 20-25 years old (and I suspect older). When I pulled it out the padding had "glued" inself to the PINE floor hiding below. I was still hopeful...I have seen pine floors redone and they were beautiful. Well that dream went out the door when I discovered over by the livingroom there was a patch of sorts, made from a different kind of wood.

That led me to call a local flooring guy, Dowd Floors Inc, to the rescue. I chose a mid-price range laminate that looks like hard wood. I love it!!! He worked so fast and neatly...only took a half a day. He will be back next week to install my new/used carpet...very excited! I will post pictures of the before and will be dramatic I can assure you.

If you need a flooring guy I would HIGHLY recommend Dowd Floors in Minerva Ohio!