Thursday, May 19, 2011

A fun day at IKEA....

Pure heaven!!!

If you have never been to or heard of IKEA...go, run to your nearest store (or website) and prepare to be inspired! My house was built in 1920 and has very little storage. There is a built in secretary, hutch and a small closet in each bedroom...also a coat closet in the hallway off the kitchen that I suspect was added later. When you first look at IKEA they look sleek and modern...which they are. But, they also have so many different styles, models and colors they can be used in every home. From the skyscraping condo in New York city to the little farmhouse in rural Ohio.

I could do some cooking on this beauty!
The kids and I recently took a trip to the closest IKEA (Pittsburgh) to salivate look around and purchase a new storage unit for my office. There are so many super cool items and ideas in the store. And they are great about allowing people to take pictures, measurements and notes so you can develop the perfect space. While we looked in all sorts of wardrobes, drawers and sat on lots of chairs and beds...I found it interesting that the most "ooohs and aaahs" were expressed when we reached the kitchen area. And not just by me! My son and daughters boyfriend both enjoy cooking as much as I do. There was one kitchen we all agreed on. Couldn't resist snapping a few pictures while we dreamed what it would be like to actually cook and entertain in such a beautiful space. 

The built in island is to die for! My son said, this is where I would be all the time...he's such a good boy :-) It would be amazing being able to cook and visit with my kids, friends and family at the same time. You know how they have people who "live at wal-mart"...I want to live at IKEA!!!

Finally, I did purchase a Expedit 4x4 storage unit. It looks sooo much better and has an amazing amount of storage. One down IKEA wish list is growing daily! Happy organizing everyone.


Gone Country said...

I've never been to IKEA! I don't even know where the closest one would be, lol! But it looks like fun! I like your new storage units! I love organizing! Er, I should at least say, I enjoy 'attempting' to get organized! It seems like an on-going process for me!

Great job!

Amy Johnson said...

IKEA is HUGE in Europe. Probably because they all live in such small apartments and need to really organize well to fit everything. Anyway, when I was in Italy we went to the biggest IKEA I've ever seen. It had a restaurant, several floors, and was completely packed. It was an unbelieveable experience.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This is such a fabulous unit (I know 'cause I've seen it in person) and it's just amazing how much can be stored on this unit without it taking up too much room!
Looks like you & the kids had a fun time ... see ... shopping can be fun! But yes ... expensive too! Glad you found such a great item for your office

SheShe said...

I love Ikea...their lighting department gets me every time. Check out the online 3-D room planner. You just put in your room dimensions, and it makes you a virtual model of your room. You can place their furniture any way you want to see how it will look. Too much fun! Only downside is that they keep a running total of what each piece costs and what your total will be. :)