Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another book review...

TRUE COLORS by Kristin Hannah
A story about three sisters suffering loss at a young age and how they grow up and grow together. Full of twists and turns, love and heartache. Which sister will you see yourself in?

I love to read! Even when I was a kid I enjoyed reading. I would read the cereal box in the morning, shampoo bottles while I was on the pot (I know TMI - too much info), whatever I could get my hands on, I would read. I loved Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys, Gentle Ben and the Black Stallion when I was young. The Pilot's Wife, Emma's Gift and the Christmas Bus have been some great stories as I've grown.

When I walk into a book store (namely Barnes & Noble where I live) I get excited and calm at the same time. Stepping into a book allows me to step away from the challenges of living in the "real" world with responsibilities and bills. When I read I get a vision of what the people look like, what their surroundings are my mind I have a very clear picture as the story is being told.

Because I consider buying a book a luxury I usually shop the discount table. I don't have to be the first one to read it when it comes out! Just like I don't have to see a movie the day it's released...I can wait for the DVD.

When I picked up 'True Colors' I couldn't put it down. The author had me from the first chapter! This is a great book for any style of reader. It's fast moving and descriptive with great flow. The only down side...there is an end :-( I will miss Dallas and Vivi just like I miss all of the characters I've met in all of the good books over the years.

**I forgot to add...this is a beautifully bound book. When you remove the dust cover you are met with a lovely mauve color with silver embossing. Hey - I told you I love books!** 


Amy Johnson said...

Sounds like a great book. I use to read a lot, now I don't. I just don't have the time anymore.

jrmom said...

Believe me Amy, if I can find time to read...anybody can! I hit the ground running at 5:30am and usually fall asleep in my chair around 10pm. I always have a book with me so when I'm waiting to pick up my kiddos or at the doctors office or while I eat breakfast/lunch I can get in a few pages. We have to carve out small pieces of time for ourselves to renew.

Gone Country said...

I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog but you're set up for no reply :( I wish you could send some rain and cooler weather our way! And Hunter is always up to something! He's a fun cat with a huge personality!

I love to read also. One day I'll have to photograph my bookshelves and do a blog on that! I get books all the time from my Mom. I read them then give them back to her to pass on to someone else. It's just that I got WAY behind on reading while I was working. But like you, I always had a book with me because 1, I can't sit and do nothing and 2, whenever I did have a few minutes then I was able to get some reading done!

Cute blog! I like it!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

THANK YOU! I an avid reader - crazy for books. Lately I don't know if it's just me but I'm having such a tough time coming up with an absorbing book. I just don't find anything that "grabs" me. Will be looking for this one at the library.

P.S. You are a library user? You know that Columbiana Library not only is fab (as I'm sure Leetonia is too) but you can sign up for the MORE system that has access to basically every book in every public library in Ohio? For free? I have yet to request a book that MORE cannot have in my hand within a week. It's fantastic. JUST FYI if you aren't aware already. I'm an avid reader but I rarely buy books. I tend to read once and move on, and I'd go broke buying books all the time - not to mention storing and dusting them!

Lynnie said...

Sounds like a great read! My mother has just started reading some of the books from my shelves (I learned to be an avid reader as an adult.. we didn't have too many books in our home as a kid) and she may just love this one too. I must order it. My mother has an RV on our property which she is due to be back in within the month. Thanks for sharing the book!