Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's an all-skate...

In the words of Robin -- Holy Icecapades Batman!!! We had another snow (ice) day today...for good reason. This is how my day went...

6:45am Kiss hubby good-bye and tell him to "be careful", wash his slowly back out of the drive onto the road and slide to the bottom of the hill. Promply run downstairs, grab the ashes from the woodburner, wake my daughter and throw on a jacket. We spent the next 40 minutes trying (and ultimately succeeding) to get him to the top of the hill and onto work.

7:30am Well I'm all sweaty now so I might as well go get my barn work done and then get my shower. Now you have to picture jeans tucked into barn boots, pink nightshirt and hubby's flannel. Yup everyone should get to look out their window and see their neighbor looking so fashionable.

9:00am Paid for a guy to spread salt around our driveway then spent the next THREE hours chipping and shoveling at least an inch of ice off of the driveway. my cardio AND strength training in for the week. The kids were such a big help. They hung in there with me...and when Mom decides something is getting done, we don't stop until its done. A few breaks to get a tissue or regain feeling in their hands but they stuck with me until the end.

The rest of the day was filled with tax clients, dishes, grocery shopping, 3 loads of laundry and another trip to the barn. A busy but very good day! A little snow this evening but nothing too severe. Tomorrow I plan to do some work with the household notebook, hopefully!

I had to include a picture of our dog, Sidney! She was running and playing and thought the ice was super cool. When she should run little pieces of ice would skid across the surface and she would pounce on them. Plus she LOVES to play and chew on sticks and how elated she was to see Mother Nature had showered the yard with so many "toys".


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

OH MY STARS ... I can't believe you guys even ATTEMPTED to GET OUT! This is TREACHEROUS and I'm glad I didn't see what it looked like before I talked to you!! I would have worried myself SICK!

So glad the sun is shining today!! Certainly far better than being pelleted by ice & snow like the last two days!

Stay safe ... stay warm and for pete sake ... PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!! LOL!! You are such a fashion plate!! LOVE YOU!

Vee said...

Now THAT is a sheet of ice! I don't know how you managed to get your hubby up over that hill and off to work. I hope it was well sanded and salted up there!

SheShe said...

You're awesome...and so much more ambitious than I! I wrapped chains around the kids and told them to yank three times if they needed me to pull them back up the drive. :) Does that make me a bad Mom?