Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the Fog...

We all have fog in our lives! It could be illness, obesity, debt or a messy chaotic house. We have all driven through fog before. Isn't it amazing how a road we travel daily suddenly we are lost on when the fog is heavy. January is a time to come out of the fog...or start to. It's the perfect time to start getting healthy, start a new household budget and organize your house and/or life.

Notice I didn't say lose weight! Get healthy is different, although many times results in losing weight. Eating whole foods, cooking at home, getting exercise are all great places to start for your physical well being. But alot of times we forget about our mental health. Take time to do the things that make you happy...spend time with friends, in prayer or doing a favorite activity. Have you been putting off talking to your doctor about something? Now is the perfect time to make that appointment!

Take time to work on a budget. Be honest with yourself...how much are you really spending every day! You have to count the latte's, life savers and trips to the vending machine. It is truly amazing how much money we spend every month without realizing it. But when we recognize them and allow for these expenses we can build our savings and pay off that debt! Be creative...don't give up the things you love because you can't afford them...buy life savers by the bag or your favorite snack from the store where it is much much cheaper than the vending machine.

And one of my goals for 2011...a spic and span, organized home! Everything will have a place AND everything will be in its place. Don't try to tackle the whole house or even a room...start with a drawer or a closet. My first order of business is going through my closet and drawers...getting rid of the clothes that don't fit, are outdated or I just don't wear anymore. Moving on from there the list includes every drawer and cupboard in the house, washing walls and curtains, repainting the bathroom, developing weekly menus, and posting regularly on my blog and my business web-site.

It takes time for the fog to lift or burn off. Take baby steps to come out of your fog...then take another baby step and before you know it the road in front of you will be crystal clear.


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WONDERFUL points & advice! Thanks for the posting and for the beautiful photo ... certainly helps to put things into perspective!

Baby steps ... one day at a time!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

All great points (as usual!) Very inspiring and very much needed by me this morning.

As for organization, if you don't already use it I highly recommend you check out the Flylady site. I don't follow it all (her emails are too much for me) but the basic premise is similar to that which governs physical and financial health. Take baby steps. Attack the hot spots. Be diligent in small bites throughout the day.

Another great closet tip (for clothes). Take all your hangers and turn them around so they hang backwards. Set a time be it four weeks, six months, or a year from now and go back through the closet. Anything STILL hanging backwards you can pass on because you clearly never wore it. This is particularly great for the husband's clothing. That shirt he swears he LOVES can easily be proven to have not moved in ages (as long as he's not on to your methods!)

jrmom said...

I have used Flylady and like you say Kim the e-mails can be overwhelming. But I did use her advice for the family notebook and that I can do anything for 15 minutes. I even use the 15 rule on the treadmill.

I have the "hot spots" under control but I want every nook and cranny clean and organized.

Amy Johnson said...

O.k. You motivated me! Off I go!

Kris Turner said...

Can you come to my house when you're done????? My goal is to get my craft room in order, painted, redo the lighting, and finally know exactly what I have and can reach for when I need it. The time-saving will be incredible! I'll let you know in about six months how that's going!!!

Great blog entry, Cara, and such a beautiful picture (did you take that?) Thanks so much for sharing. Hope to see you at your mom's sometime soon.

Kris Turner
Wadsworth, OH