Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Frugal? Cheap? Whatever you want to call it in today's economy we have all been forced to be a little more frugal. I was raised in a modest. We always had food to eat, a roof over our head and clothes on our back.

During the late 80s and early 90s I think alot of people were living large. It was the era of easy and cheap credit and a time when "how much you had" defined who you were. I am sure our parents and grandparents who lived through the depression were just shaking their heads. Today it seems no matter where you look; government, school, business and even our own mirror...money is tight!

I have always clipped coupons, shopped sales, bought in bulk and I am a regular at Wal-mart. But lately prices have seemed to gone through the roof. To start with ice cream is now 1 1/2 qts for the same price as 2 qts (back in the day) and a can of Lysol is $5.72...are you kidding me?! And I am NOT even going to discuss the cost of "feminine products". Would you like new sheets on your bed? Towels? How about a bra that "works"? It is unbelievable how expensive everything has gotten. That has caused me to start rethinking what frugal means and how to BE frugal.

The amount of waste in this country is astronomical. I am guilty too. We all are. How many leftovers do you throw away? Do you have any clothes, appliances or nick-nacks that you are not quite sue why you purchased them? Many of them show up in a yard sale, are carted off to a local mission or passed onto friends or relatives. How much money do you think we "give away" every year?

How much do we spend every month on wants? I am not talking about lavish gifts, diamonds or fancy cars. I am referring to dinner out, cell phones, the internet and cable. These have become the norm of today, but they take a huge chunk out of our budget every month. It is mind boggling when you really start to think of all the ways we "waste" money every day.

I started back at the gym several months ago and I am seeing slow and steady changes in my body and my mind. I am ready to send my family budget to the gym! In the next few weeks I will be bringing to you my ideas to save a few dollars and even find a few that are already hiding in your budget. 

I will close with a couple websites that have helped to inspire me to be more frugal. Happy saving!

Do you think you could feed your family a healthy and nutritious meal tonight for $5? No you say? Check out THIS site to learn how.

One of my favorite blogs that offers great tips and reminders that our wealth should never be measured by our pocket book.


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW ... now there's food for thought!!!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

I love this. So. Much.

I have become the coupon queen thanks to a friend who showed me the light (combine coupons and sales! Who knew?) I love Giant Eagle and Rite Aid and save a mint (found WalMart to be a "false economy." I can spend $200 there and barely have food!)

I'm adding you to my Google Reader and looking forward to updates!

Lana said...

Carolyn, Awesome posting as usual!!! I am anxiously waiting to see what you come up with for being more frugal!!! I visit often would love to see you write more,I love reading what you have to say!!!