Saturday, August 28, 2010

You are never too old...

Well our racing season is coming to a close.  We have two points days left for Jon...unfortunately it doesn't look good for him to win the championship.  While not all hope is gone the mountain got a little steeper today :(  The boy ahead of him (by 3 points) won first round and Jon lost.  He was sooo heartbroken, as was I.  The season was going so so good and then the last couple races have been a struggle while the kid in the lead has been on fire...he won the last 3 events.

But there was a bright side to the day.  My Grandma and her beau Ken came to watch him race.  My Gram is 80 years old an has never been to a drag strip.  It was nice to have her there to comfort Jon after he lost.  He will have that memory with him forever...since we can't have her forever (no matter how badly we want to).

Gram said she would come back that she thought it was pretty neat.  I'm not sure if she would like the noise of the big cars but she didn't seem to complain about the juniors (which can be quite loud). If you are as blessed as I am to still have a grandparent I hope you love and cherish them as much as I do...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Why do you Blog?...

What a beautiful morning it is today in northeast Ohio.  In my opinion, it hasn't been the best of summers.  The temperatures have been in the upper 80s to the mid 90s and the humidity has been intense.  The greatest part about summer is having the windows open, airing out the house and being able to do all sorts of outdoor activities.  Wether its gardening, baseball, bon fires, exercising or just chatting with your neighbor in the back yard...its NOT being cooped up in the house like we are most of the winter.  But when the air is so heavy you can't breathe...into the house we go...YUCK!!!  I have been feeling like a caged animal...who would've thought cabin fever is a summr ailment?!

One of the things that has helped is my morning ritual of reading my google reader and catching up with my blog buddies. The blogs I follow certainly show my diversity.  There are blogs about crafting, gardening, family, cooking, weight loss and religion on my "follow" list.

A few years ago I heard people using the word 'blog' and I didn't even know what it was.  By definition blog is short for weblog and means a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet. Sounds so boring doesn't it...I think the definition should be a place to make new friends, visit with old, learn something new, laugh, cry or vent.  I wanted to share a couple with you that I really enjoy.

My Mom is a great card maker and is a designer on many 'card teams'.  Her beautiful creations can be drooled over at her site called Dar's Crafty Creations. While she lives in the 'burbs, was raised in the country...she is a vintage girl at heart.

Peggy over at Hidden Haven Homestead is a lady with a gigantic heart of gold. We share a love of animals and living simply.  I enjoy reading her stories and her occasional rants...glad I'm not alone.

If you are struggling with every day things or faced with a devastating illness or loss...stop over and see Sara at Gitzengirl.  You will be inspired...I promise!  She counts her blessing every single day, and challenges us to do the same. She has every reason to be sour, angry and just plain nasty...but she is the exact opposite.  Just make sure you have a cup of coffee and a tissue when you will want to stay awhile.

And the last blog I want to share today is Shelley's.  She embarked on a weight loss journey and was gracious enough to share every step with us...complete with pictures.  So many of us have 10, 30, 50, 100 or more pounds to lose and wonder how will be ever get started...or stick with it.  It feels like a prison sentence.  When you read My Journey to Fit you will realize it is FREEDOM from prison, and it IS do-able. If only Shelley lived down the street...sigh.

I have many more that I follow and enjoy...which of course you can visit via my list on the side bar. Blogland...what a wonderful place.  You don't have to even do your hair...hehe.

What's your favorite blog(s)?