Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loving My Country Family & The Country Life...

I have been blessed to come from a very large extended family.  My Great Grandma Eva (and Pop, too) had 12 living you can imagine how the family has grown as the generations have replenished.  We have a family reunion every year and for the last two months have had a cousins breakfast the first Friday of the month.  We are a loud, opinionated, comical, caring bunch!  If you want to really know how it is, ask one of us.  If you need help on the farm, ask one of us.  If you need a friend, ask one of us.

My day started seeing this little bird sitting in the grass.  His Mama must have decided today was the day he was going to learn to fly.  He has a sort of gruff kinda look to him.  We kept an eye on him throughout the day and he would flit around from place to place and eventually learned to take flight.  I think he's a sparrow, but I'm not quite sure.

After breakfast we went to Cousin Nancy's house to discuss updates to the Family Cookbook.  Which is sooo much more than a cookbook, it's packed with pictures, stories and geneology.  It's a treasurer!  We finished it in 2004 and wanted to update births in the family as well as any additional stories or recipes anyone wanted to share.  We plan to update every 5 years from here on out.  I LOVE my Cousin Nancy's home.  It's a century home located around the corner from my Grandma and Aunt in some of the most beautiful country in the world (in my opinion)!  I couldn't resist taking a picture from her beautiful front porch and then, of course, her beautiful front porch.  To sit on their front porch with a cup of coffee, feeling the gentle breeze flowing, hearing the tractor make hay in the distance...yep, that's what I hope Heaven is like!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Great photos Cara! Yes we are certainly blessed (opinionated ... but blessed!) LOL!!

When we get frustrated with life ... we just need to drive over to Cousin Nancy's and sit a spell on her wrap around porch .. all will be right with the world in short order!

Thanks for sharing! You're doing an awesome job!!

Amy Johnson said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. That is something I have always wished for, but never received. I do have a lot of great, great friends though, and I know what a rarity that is for most people.