Friday, June 25, 2010


A beautiful friend of mine (thanks Ma) invited us to her lovely home yesterday to craft.  She has extended an invite before, but I was never able to accept.  My daughter, Mom and myself arrived a little before lunch yesterday. 

When she opened the door we were greated by her gentle giant, Brody.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of Brody.  He is the size of a large laborador but with the colorings of a border collie, with soft fur to match.  He immediately took a liking to my daughter...probably because she plopped herself down in the doorway and began petting him...and didn't stop for the next 20 minutes.

Lana gave me the grand tour of her home...absolutely beautiful!  Simple, clean, very welcoming!  Lana is very very creative.  Example, in her master bath she bought two fabric shower curtains so she would have enough to make the style of shower curtain SHE wanted plus matching curtains for the windows.  She made the quilt/bedspread for her bed, so pretty.  Also inside her entry way is an old-fashioned crank phonograph player, and it still works!

I love everything country and her house is right up my alley! Everything matched, was clean and put away and it was sprinkled with antiques...what's not to love!

Now I have to tell you my favorite part aka le pista resistance'!!!  Her crafting room!  So organized and functional.  I guess this is the feeling people had when the Beatles came to town.  I want my entire world THIS organized!!   Not only did everything have a place, it was in its place, labeled and still looked inviting...not utilitarian.  I was so inspired I didn't make a single card but I cleaned out and sorted my scrap paper box...yeah!  I think the thing that most impressed me was while she purchases everyday things from the store for storage and/or decoration she alters them to work the best in her situation (take the 2 shower curtains for example).

Her craft room is probably 10 x 12' and the amount of crafting material and tools that are not only stored, but easily accessible in her room...WOW!  I could go on and on (obviously)...I didn't even tell you about her creations adorning the walls in her basement aka friend crafting studio. 

Lana and my Mom are both wonderful, crafty women...if you would like to check out their blogs just click on their names.  I hope you are inspired, just as I am.  Right now I'm going to go through a few more (of many many) magazines to pull out the articles I NEED and pitch the ones I don't.  Happy Organizing!!!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

I am so glad you were finally able to visit with Lana! YES, her home is SO organized and beautiful and she is a true inspiration in so many ways!!
I can tell you have been "bitten" bit the organization bug and I know how happy you will be when you get things more the way it will work best for you!
Keep up the good work and when you need more inspiration just let me know and we will pay a visit to Lana again! LOL! (I need to take a few lessons myself!)

Lana said...

Oh my gosh was I surprised when your Mom gave me the link to this posting, Wow I am blushing LOL!! I am so glad you,Morgan and Mom were able to grace my home with your presents. You all are welcome here any time!!! I am glad you liked my home. I think "neat & organized" is my middle name, God sure wired me that way! Some days its a curse LOL. Need any help getting organised just give me a call!!!!!Hope you come back!!
Big Hugs