Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a glorious day! It has indeed been quite awhile since I have posted.  A good indicator of my life.  I could post of tax returns, laundry, lack of sleep...but no one wants to hear about that.  There have been several events in my life that have thrown me for a loop.  Of course there's death of loved ones, that while they hurt the heart, are able to be dealt with because everybody knows it's a "fact of life". But it's the other ones that hurt your heart in a different way that, unfortunately, have become a "fact of life". Trust...such a fundamental part of any relationship.  A tiny baby crying trusts her Mama to wrap her loving arms around her.  A new spouse trusting their partner to be faithful and love them 'til death. A patient trusting the doctor's to heal their bodies. We put such trust in people everyday.  Sometimes people we don't even know. 

And when that trust is betrayed, it's frustrating and it hurts.  But we can rise above the pain and learn a lesson from the hurt.  And I don't mean harden our hearts so we don't get hurt again.  That's part of the process.

I loved (still do) my Josie dog with every fiber of my being.  And it cut me to the core when I felt the life drain from her body.  But I wouldn't trade a single day of my life with her or loved her any less because of my broken heart. 

We have all made choices that hurt someone we love.  A child leaving home before their parents are ready to let them go, a loved one lost in a alcoholic haze, a friend so weighed down they think death is the only alternative.  And in these situations we feel betrayed!!!  We question "why didn't they come to me? I would've helped.".  We want answers.  But we want one particular question answered...WHY?! It seems if we can understand then it's ok. 

I am a Christian, have been my whole life. But only recently have I begun to truly understand what that means.  God teaches us by example how to deal with the betrayal.  No matter how much we turn from Him...He loves us!  He forgives us!  He doesn't ask doesn't matter.  And when you are loved that much...Wow!

So as we approach Easter...look around at all of your Blessings.  Not your monetary items.  Your friends and your family!  They are God's Blessings!!!  Forgive!  Love!  Learn and lead by example...just as He does!

               HAPPY EASTER!!

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Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

I just want to know WHEN did you become such an elegant writer? This was beautiful my sweet daughter and such a wonderful reminder of what is really important! Yes, life can dish out some pretty harsh lessons but as long as you embrace them and learn from them ... you are on the right path. Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us!!