Friday, February 19, 2010

Silent bowl...

As many of you know Morgan took American Sign Language (ASL) classes this summer at Kent State University.  She absolutely fell in love with it.  It paved the way for her decision to study Speech Pathology this fall.  She has also developed several friendships in both the deaf and hearing communities. Morgan's dear friend, Emily, is sooo sweet and full of energy. They met in ASL. Emily is deaf and helped during the classes. She also made fast friends with Jessica.  As you can see the 3 of them enjoy time spent together. Morgan is behind, Jessica is on the left and Emily's on the right.

 We were invited to an ASL silent bowl this evening.  While I understand the name (since to most of the participants it was "silent") we were anything but silent.  We had an absolute blast!!! 

When they turned the regular lights off and the black lights on and cranked up the music...that's when things got really fun. 

 One of the songs that came on was the Village People's YMCA.  As you would expect, Mo & I (and 1/2 the alley) started singing and dancing.  This picture shows Emily, Kevin, Adam & Morgan (L-R) dancing to YMCA...keep in mind Emily cannot hear the song but she sure had fun following along with her friends.  FYI, they also played remember..."oh Micky your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind, Hey Micky"...we sang and cheered to that too!

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Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This is AWESOME! It's so nice to see Morgan having fun with her friends (as it should be)! I'm glad you had a good time too! That music brought back memories for you I'm sure ... only difference was you used to roller skate to it and now you are bowling to it!
I LOVE seeing the smiles on the girls faces!! Awesome idea to snap some photos of the good time!
Wished I was there!!! (I thought about it, LOL!)