Sunday, January 31, 2010

That's my boy...

Just when you think you're gonna hang 'em up by their toes...they start growing up!

Jonathan has certainly been a loveable challenge from day one.  When he was little he cried...A LOT!  Of course the doctor said "oh it's just colic"...isn't that always why babies cry?!  He didn't sleep through the night until he was 9 months old.  And he would not drink his formula...any kind.  Oh almost forgot...he hated riding in the car...screamed from the second his bum hit the seat until you released him from his car seat prison.  As he got older things became much clearer about his behavior.  He does NOT like milk...still not a big fan, chocolate milk occasionally...but loves ice cream and cheese.  Therefore, his tummy was never really full until he started eating solid food.  He's also a pretty light sleeper, until recently, if you walked in his room he was awake.  We had to be very creative about leaving his baby teeth in places the "tooth fairy" could find them without waking Jon up :)  And he still gets bored in the car...thank goodness for iPods and GameBoys.

He is very head strong.  If it's what HE wants to do he is devoted and determined.  However, if he doesn't want to...he won't!!  No matter what begging, pleading or threats take place. He enjoys all the typical "boy" things.  Likes guns and hunting, going fishing, playing outside with his friends, racing his junior dragster and loves eating junk food.  He still doesn't like to sleep anymore than necessary.  He's a great baseball player, too!

Jon likes to "know what's going on" but is starting to learn to sit and watch and listen...requiring much more patience than just asking/demanding to "know"...a sign of maturity.  Yesterday was a busy, rewarding and healing day.  We took 2 hours as a family to clean!  Everyone pitched in and worked steady for two hours and the house definitely looked much better.  Then his buddy from school came over...much to Dad's dislike.  This young man has been a friend of Jon's for years and at his birthday party a couple years ago was quite a handfull...therefore Frank was not happy about his coming over.  But thankfully he is growing up too...(Mitch not Frank...ok I guess Frank too hehe).  They had a great time playing and were very well behaved..I'm sure there will be many more play dates.  Dear friends of ours who have had an extremely difficult time came for a visit...felt like old times.  A little tense at times, but it felt great to be together again laughing and telling stories.

Jon has been working hard back at his old/new school.  He is starting to enjoy reading and I've had alot of good reports from his teachers.  After everyone left last night Frank and I were sitting in our respective chairs and Jon came to us and said he had something to say.  With a tear in his eye he said how thankful and lucky he was to have a roof over his head and parents who loved him.  He said we probably wouldn't take it but offered us each $5 as a thank you "from his heart" for all we do.  We refused his money but said we would accept a hug and a kiss as "payment".  Yep...our little boy is growing up!  And just in case your not sure...a hug and a kiss from your 12 year old little boy (young man) is worth soooo much more than $5.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My partner...

I met Frank when I was 17 years old. I had just graduated high school and was out with a friend. When he walked in the door I noticed him immediately! He had just returned home from serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corp. He also noticed me that night and asked me to dance...woohoo! We have been together ever since. I believe we are meant to be together...honestly.

After a 4 year courtship (do they still use that term?)we were married and we celebrated 18 years of marriage this past October . We have had some rocky times in our life together. I don't suppose that could have anything to do with both of us being stubborn, hot-headed and the need for control?! We found out early on we couldn't wrestle. You know how some couples wrestle around playing? Oh no, not Frank and I...someone was going to get hurt! It would start out innocent enough then one would hurt the other accidentally then the other would hurt them back and so on and so forth.

There was actually a time when we almost split up. Our daughter was very young and we were struggling with being a young couple who had both been working and no children, come and go as you please, to only one income and an extra mouth to feed. Thankfully my amazing step-dad wouldn't allow me to "come home"...he said we needed to stay and work it out, not just run away. He was sooo right! We did "work it out"...which by the way means lots of yelling and crying.

We have grown up alot since that time, and continue to grow. One thing is certain....we are meant to be together!

Like most people do we get caught up in everyday life...taking the kids to their events, working, chores, etc...and we forget to tend to the romance part of our marriage. Recently some very dear friends of ours found themselves "fighting" for their marriage. This has made of reflect on our own relationship and decided it was time for some "us" time. We are very active as a family. Always doing something together. But we wanted time for just the two of us. So we planned dinner and a movie.

We actually went to a "real" wings, no Micky D's. And planned to watch a "real" movie (rated R) no animation, no computer graphics. Although I must admit while we are standing in line to get our tickets to 'It's Complicated', Frank noticed the 'Chipmunks Squeakwal' was playing...I told him NO (but assured him we would bring the kids another day to see it :)). The movie was very nice...funny...perfect! Dinner was excellent...we were supposed to have a 50 minute wait but managed to swoop in on a couple leaving the bar area where it was first come first serve about 15 minutes into our wait. The entire evening was absolutely PERFECT! We walked into the movie just as the previews were playing and we were home by 10pm. I can't wait for our next date!!!

So why did I feel compelled to post about my hubby? I guess because we live in a time where we are the minority...married this long to our first spouse, children living with BOTH natural parents, and still very much in love. For young couples I wanted to's not always going to be fireworks and shooting stars...and that's a good thing. For older couples going through the motions of a life together...take time to reconnect...remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place. Take time to hold hands, hug and snuggle...feel the connection! Don't let the toilet seat or toothpaste cap ruin your relationship. Ask yourself how you would feel if your partner was gone could happen. So love those in your life like this was their/your last day on earth!