Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Tis the Season...

Christmas concerts, baking and decorating...ooops almost I do NOT like to shop. I know it's unusual for a female but I really do not like to shop. I love to bake, spend time with friends and family and enjoy how the decorating makes the house feel when it's all done.

We have been very busy! Virtual juggling is my new, greatest achievement! Jon's concert was last week. He plays trumpet and seems to be really enjoying it. He's pretty good too...he's only in 7th grade!

This past Wednesday was bussier than usual. Jon had a basketball game at Crestview school and Morgan had her Christmas concert at Leetonia. We raced from Jon's game, finished making soup, gathered the items we needed for the concert and were back out the door. I was so happy my Mom was able to attend Jon's ball game and Mo's concert. She was also gracious enough to help me put together one of the raffle baskets for the concert...she makes it look so easy. I even enlisted my dear friend Jack. He was typing address labels that needed to go with me. What would like be without great friends and family?!
Morgan had a solo in the band concert and nailed it! It was beautiful! You could really forget your listening to kids play when you come listen to our kids...they are that good!!

I have been very involved in the Band Boosters for several years now...and I have to say the band kids are the BEST kids ever! And every year the seniors shuffle out and the "young ones" shuffle in..and they are still the best. I am not only impressed with their integrity and musical ability but their ability and willingness to step outside their comfort zone. During their concert Sammie had some french horn malfunctions. So Jon Dean grabbed his guitar and played an impromptu version of White Christmas. He did a fine job. Jon and Morgan have gone to school together since cool is that!?

Tonight after work, school and basketball practice we decided we should decorate the tree...afterall, there are only 8 days 'til Christmas. Jonathan and I strung the lights and we all helped with the ornaments. I have to confess that when I got home Morgan and Frank had rearranged the furniture, brought down the decorations and had already started decorating. Christmas carols were playing and they were both giddy! The Christmas Spirit was swirling around them both.

The plan for the weekend is to finish up the shopping (are we ever 'really' done?!) and get a firm handle on the baking. A little snow would be nice...

Merry Christmas to All!


Amy Johnson said...

It seems like everyone is enjoying Xmas this year but me. I'm glad your having such a wonderful time and you have so many people in your life to help you with the holidays. Have a merry Christmas!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What great photos kiddo ... especially the one of Jon through the tree ... awesome!
So glad you're enjoying the holidays ... where did the year go?????
I was thrilled to be able to attend a couple of the kids school functions ... sorry I missed Jon's concert!