Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas...

It's Christmas Eve! Wow...I should be stressed beyond repair! My wrapping isn't done, the puppy ate all the gingerbread last night (and Christmas cookies), and I have to go to the store to get food for Christmas breakfast. But instead I'm feeling rather relaxed enjoying a cup of java posting to my blog looking forward to heading to the gym with my dear friend Jack. What is wrong with me?! Well's what is 'right' with me. The peacefulness I feel is because God is with me...and I accept Him.

Don't misunderstand. I want my family to have a wonderful Christmas with gifts and goodies. And they will! It will all come together. And if I'm wrapping and watching Ralphie at midnight, it won't be any different than in years past accept for one thing...the smile on my face. Laughter, peace, friends and are the best gifts.

I thought I would share a few pictures and thoughts before I "get busy". This past year has been a rough one...and to be honest I can't wait for 2010. But as I was looking through pics to post I realized 2009 was a good year too.

We said good-bye to a dear friend whom I miss beyond measure (as does the rest of my family...mostly Momo). But, we welcomed in a new friend. And believe me, she is providing lots of mischief....but love too. We ventured to a new school and realized the grass was a beautiful shade of green right where we had been...and we're going back (can't wait). I remembered what a beautiful land we live on...and what amazing friends we are blessed with.

As Christmas approached this year our hearts began to open! Jon has begun singing the hymns in church and soaking in the sermons. I peaked in Morgan's room the other night and she was laying on her bed reading her Bible! Wow! We have always been Christian's. But I'm really beginning to feel Him. And it is amazing. Frank went hunting last weekend. While he walked through the ankle deep snow he also talked with God (something he's been struggling with as of late) and thanked Him for all his blessings. He is ALWAYS listening...even when your not talking!

My Christmas wish is for Peace and Love! I know, corny...but true. For all the little children to rest easy. For our soldiers to be safe. For the homeless to be warm. For the troubled hearts to be calmed. And most of all...for everyone to have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

There you go ... bringing tears to my eyes again! But that's okay because they are tears of JOY! Joyful that you could find such peace within yourself! You are a beautiful person my dear daughter and an amazing wife & mother!
I guess we all need a few "tough" times to make us really appreciate the "good" ones and to realize that God does have a plan for us and there are lessons to be learned around each corner.

Yes, for sure 2009 had some high hurdles to jump but by jumping each hurdle as it comes then moving on ... we have become smarter, warmer, more God Loving people. And that includes myself!

Enjoy your Christmas Eve with friends and your little family ... they are all PRECIOUS! I'm looking forward to having you all here tomorrow! Big HUGS & BLESSINGS coming your way!!! Enjoy your day my dear ...