Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Roundup...

Happy Halloween everybody!!! What a great, rainy, cold day!

We have been passionate about Fall round-up for years. However had never had much luck. Breakage and poor weather have continued to ruin Fall round-up year after year. Well not this year!! While weather postponed it for two weeks...last night was beautiful. And fortunately they had problems with the "tree" (the starting lights) which postponed actual eliminations until the kids and I could get there from the last football game.

Frank was in a such a laid back mood. He was happy to have made a couple of runs and didn't care if he won any rounds or not. Well...he won some rounds. All the way to the final!!! Unfortunately he ended up being runner-up. But it was a great drag race with good lights and the car ran great...track was pretty greasy...but car and driver performed flawlessly. Soooo happy for Frank!!

Today is a wash for the juniors but the weather is supposed to clear and they will run tomorrow. Hopefully I will have additional good news to report.

Happy Halloween everyone...don't eat tooo much candy...on second thought...go ahead!!!

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Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW ... so glad it was a good time for Frank ... he needed & deserved it!!
We had over 200 tricksters this evening but all the neighbors sat outside to hand out the goodies and then came over to our house for donuts & cider (provided by Travis & Christy) ... awesome fun!!
Good luck Sunday ... weather is supposed to be better ... hope it's as good for the kids as it was for Frank! Enjoy your last racing weekend!!!