Sunday, August 30, 2009

This 'n That...

This is our last "free" weekend. Jon starts at his new school on Monday. I think he is am I. This year has seemed to turn topsy turvy for my family. When my children were little I told hubby that whatever school they attended in Kindergarten would be where they graduated. Since we were renting at the time and Morgan was 3 1/2 we stepped up our house hunting. We were successful and Mo will graduate from Leetonia...where she has attended since she was 5. However, things are not looking good for our school to be in existence by the time Jon graduates. Therefore we have decided to send him to a neighboring district. He is in complete agreement and was excited. But as we close in on the first day that excitement has turned to nervousness. You suddenly realize you don't know anyone and the comfort zone you have built over the last 13 years is gone. I'm sure we will have rough days. But I'm hopeful that either a.) he will love his new school or b.) Leetonia's levy will pass and he can head back "home".

We also are preparing to leave our puppy, Sidney, home alone for a full day for the first time. It's been such a change adjusting to a puppy again. We miss Josie everyday...some days the pain is overwhelming...but we're moving forward. Sidney is learning to live with us. Her house training is coming along...slower than I would like, but she's getting there. She definately seems to be getting comfortable with us...not saying she's attached...but comfortable. She goes to the track with us every weekend and is starting to bark when people come over. At the track she stays under the trailer until we come back from running the cars. Then we head to the motorhome for a drink and a snack. Saturday we had some downtime between races. Apparently Sidney and Frank needed a little cap nap.

This morning I was getting ready for church...August is one of my months to Deacon and feeling a bit lonely. Frank was headed to the track to run, Morgan was working and Jon had just rolled out of bed. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately with Morgan being a senior and getting ready to start her adult life. I suddenly know just how precious every book we read, game we played and song we sang were. I am all about family. Always have been. Sundays are my favorite. When I was growing up it was a time for church, family picnics, visiting...things like that. Now it's still family day. Could be church, visiting, watching Nascar, football or drag racing (on a good day all three)...could just be getting some chores done as a family and then sitting down for with nummies while we play some cards or a board game. Lately Mo has had to work alot of Sundays, and it's just not the same without her. When I opened the frig this picture was what greeted me.

I think it was God's way of saying everything will be ok. I know, I know! But who says God can't use a pickle to communicate?!


Lori said...

It is a small world!!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment and taking the time to write!!! You made my weekend and I have a great big smile!!

p.s. my youngest son switched school districts a couple of years ago, I wasn't impressed with our high school after the 2 older went through. Things worked out real well for him, I will be thinking of your family tomorrow!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This is AMAZING ... but I think you're right ... the good Lord is telling you to take each day one at a time and enjoy that day! We don't know what's waiting for us around the corner so just deal with the here and now!

OH MY GOSH ... I can't believe that's Sidney ... she's HUGE!! She was just a ball of fur not long ago when you guys brought her to our house!! WOW ... she's going to be HUGE!!! Now I can see how she keeps getting out of everywhere you try to contain her! She's a BEAR, LOL!!! But a cute BEAR!!!

One day at a time my dear .. everything will be just fine! Try not to stress to much ... it will make you old before your time!! LOL!!

Dr M said...

You are a wonderful person. Most allow precious moments to pass us included. Your family and friends will always be blessed to have you in their lives.
Thank You. Keep the faith young lady...your path is assured when you ask GOD the way.
Dr. M