Friday, June 19, 2009

My company...

Any of you who know me...know that I am NOT a good sales person. However, I'm trying here to sell myself. Here goes...

I have grown up loving numbers (I know strange, huh). I used to sit next to my Grandmother, who was/is a bookkeeper, and beg to total up her columns on her adding machine. After driving her crazy she would allow me this honor to shut me up...Thanks Gram. This was where my accounting journey began. I went on to earn my degree in Accounting and Management at ITT Technical and started working in accounts payable and payroll. Then financial administrator. Then to round it out...taxes. I started my own company, MJ Business Solutions, about 3 years ago. We offer full-charge bookkeeping, payroll, business start-up, account reconciliations and taxes. And we offer it at affordable prices for the average business owner.

Recently I had the opportunity to reconcile guardianship accounts for a local attorney. Now this is my idea of's like a puzzle/mystery reconciling all those accounts and getting them ready for the courts. (I told you strange!)

I am looking to expand MJ Business Solutions. If you have a need for accounting services or know someone who does, please contact my office at 330-427-1211. I look forward to discussing how we can help you in a free consultation.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yummy strawberries...

Every year the kids and I head to Whitehouse Fruit Farm for you pick strawberries. They have the best fields around, in my opinion. Their berries are always big, deep red, sweet and juicy. I made enough jam last year and froze some too. Therefore we only picked enough for munching and strawberry shortcake. We picked 12 quarts on Friday and they were gone by Monday.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What did you do this weekend?

Quick rundown...Friday, racing...Saturday, baseball and band played...Sunday, church, work and (believe it or not) a nap. Ok that was the condensed version.

At times the rat race (as I like to call it) drives me crazy. But then I take a moment to realize what a true blessing it is to have so much to do, so many people to be around and to be living every second of this life I have. And a really fun time was Friday night when Morgan and I decided to race our Blazers. I recently purchased a new/used Trail Blazer, and I absolutely love it. Too bad my house isn't that fancy :) Morgan's Blazer is a little older but has a new engine, thanks to her very mechanically inclined Daddy. Now on one hand I had the upper hand, having the newer truck...but Mo races every weekend so SHE should have the advantage. Well, let me tell ya...the first round of time trials (TT) you would've thought neither of us had ever set foot on a drag strip. It took forever to find the beams to stage and when we did the lights seemed to come down so fast we both had horrible reaction times...oh did I mention we both wanted to throw up too? As we picked up our time slips we both started laughing uncontrollably. Not only because of our reaction times but I think to relieve all of those jitters. The second TT was much better. Sooo, first round I lose due to a not great light and I ran under my dial-in (I'll explain bracket racing another day). Morgan won...and she kept right on winning all the way to the final round. We were so excited, I can't even explain. In semi-finals Morgan raced a guy that went to school with her Dad...he lost. (haha that sounds kinda mean huh) Before the final the race to see who would run Mo was between the blue Mustang (who beat me) and a red camaro...the camaro took the win. So it was down to Mo & Kevin. Morgan dialed a 12.65. Kevin couldn't get his car to hook up and was having a terrible time. Unfortunately Morgan was so amped up she ran under her dial with a 12.40 and Kevin took the win. But it was all good! The only thing she had to say when she got back to the trailer was "I guess the gas pedal does go further during final round!" What a great night!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blog alert...

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted. Busy doesn't seem to cover it anymore. I feel the the tazmanian devil with one foot nailed to the floor. This morning is no different. I should be showered and ready to go to the drag strip...especially since I have to drive the rig...hubby has to work. To say I'm a bit nervous is putting it lightly! Hopefully I don't run over anyone, ditch the trailer or make a fool of myself...ok I guess making a fool of myself would be no different that usual :)

Anyway...I happened on a blog a few weeks ago that I absolutely love. As many of you know I have an "old soul". I love the days gone by. Clothes on the line, cookouts with friends, the country air, canning, horses, get the picture! I've grown tired of my home and how everything looks, no character, just blah! I am so inspired by this blog I am going to have to find time to make some changes...following her inspiration.

Hope all is well with everyone...better go get ready to head out! Have a fabulous day and take the time to stop and smell the roses, or whatever happens to be in bloom around your home!