Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers...where would we be without them? Of course we all think of our own Moms on this day...and Grandma's too. It's funny the things you remember most about your Mom when you get older. For example, Mom was a full-time working Mom but if she had the morning off when I had swimming lessons she was up on the observation deck watching...those days I wanted to swim perfectly. One vivid memory is when I had had the flu and was finally starting to feel better Mom asked me if anything (food) sounded good, and for some reason taco salad sounded good (keep in mind we grew up on a mini farm in Pennsylvania...we ate red meat and potatoes). Somehow Mom came back in with a bowl of taco salad...I think...I can't tell you what was in it now, only that it tasted awesome and I even had a second bowl. Even though Mom worked a lot she always made sure I was ok...I called when I got home from school...she called if plans changed from what they were supposed to be...and we left each other notes all the time so we knew where the other one was(that was back in the day when you could walk to the corner store and not get abducted)...we didn't have cell phones then.

I am very blessed to have my Grandmother with me as well. She's 79 and can still run circles around me. I think that my yearning to be like "Mrs. Walton" comes from Gram. Gram canned when I was growing up, breakfast was real breakfast, her house was always (and still is) clean and ready for company, and if "it" needed done Gram would do it. Grandma taught me what elbow grease was, let me build tents in her living room with blankets and chairs, and taught me there's always time for friends and long as they don't mind sitting on the kitchen chair while your cooking or standing alongside the garden while you weed.
One last shout out to all the Mom's out there! From friends of mine who draw no lines between step-kids and their own children even children from other countries and most of all the Mothers of our soldiers who are in harms way and protecting our freedoms. As the Mother of a son and the wife of a former Marine, I dread the possibility of him someday being in the military and going into unsafe territory. I would like to thank all military Moms and I will say a special prayer for your children's safety this morning.
Happy Mother's Day to each and every amazing Mom out there! And a special Happy Day to my own amazing wonderful Mama...I Love You!!!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Aaawww ... not fair ... you made me cry! But they are tears of joy & pride! As you know we come from a LONG line of PROUD, DEDICATED Moms and you are following along quite nicely! Happy Mother's Day right back at cha ... you are doing an awesome job and I am so proud of you!!

Thanks for the Vote of Confidence!!

Amy Johnson said...

What a wonderful tribute to the mom's in your life, and mom's everywhere! Love it! Happy Mother's Day!

The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Cara, I'm a friend of your Mom
Darlene and I can see how much you love her and your grandma. What a beautiful tribute to her on this Mother's Day.TFS your heart fealt feelings. What a joy you are to her and now I realize why. Pat