Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy weekend....

Too bad we can't find the glory in "being bored" when we are young. This weekend was sooo busy. Today I cut grass and actually enjoyed the time to reflect and enjoy the sun on my face. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

I spent my day off on Friday baking cookies for the band banquet on Sunday. Made about 18 dozen snickerdoodles and lemon drops. Morgan was still home from school recovering from pneumonia, and she was my official taste tester. They must not have tasted quite right, since she had to "test" several cookies to make sure they were okay.

Saturday was a points day at the drag strip. Morgan lost first round unfortunately, she ran under her dial-in by .04. Jonathan won first round then lost second round, he ran under his dial-in by .26. We are still trying to figure out how to "dial these cars in" according to what the weather conditions are like.
Frank got to combine two of his passions this weekend, drag racing and playing guitar. Driving Force is the official band of the Nostalgia Wars at QCR. That said, Saturday was the first of six gigs this summer. We had a blast! We had lots of room to set up, which is always nice. The band also has a new member. A new singer who definately brings alot to the table.

Tonight was the Leetonia Band banquet. It's a time to fellowship, commend the kids on their great work and say good-bye to the senior members of the band. Hard to believe Mo will be sitting at that senior table next year. Mo's classmates were happy to see that she hadn't died from swine flu...since that was what the rumor was she had!

Kitty is doing well. Currently she is asleep in the shoes in the hallway. Haven't had much luck training her on the litter box, but she has done good "going" when I take her outside in the grass. She's getting very playful and Jon is enjoying her alot. Hope he handles it ok when she has to start staying outside.


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW ... no wonder I didn't hear from you guys all weekend ... busy, busy, busy!!
Kittie looks so cute in that shoe ... whose shoe is it anyways??
Let me know the next time you are "bored" ... I'm sure I can find something here to keep you busy, lol!!! LOVE YA Mom

Amy Johnson said...

Oh, I'm so happy to see the sweet kitty is alive and well! What an angel! Sorry to hear Morgan got so sick. Glad to hear she is on the mend. Yes, Spring is such a busy, busy time. And if I could figure out how to make cards and run on the treadmill at the same time too, I'd be a lot skinnier! LOL!