Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nothing special...

Aaargh!!! I lost my phone at the racetrack yesterday. Before it was turned in someone ran it over. I was still able to make phone calls, but the phone kept shutting off and the screen was broken. I couldn't see who was calling or see who I was calling. After we got home I headed to Alltel to buy a new one. Well...that turned into purchasing a blackberry. The salesman said how wonderful it was...I could do everything I was doing plus check e-mail or weather from my phone...kinda like having a mini-laptop. Unfortunately, I can't even figure out how (or if I can) change my ringtone...or if I have one :) A friend called and he said he has several friends who struggled with their blackberry at first but now they love them. I sure hope that holds true for me. Right now I feel completely technologically challenged!

The little kitty is doing much better. She's just over three weeks old now. We're still trying to get her to drink out of a saucer and use a litter box. She's eating much more now and awake more. When she is awake she likes to cruise around checking out everything.

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Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

I have no doubt you'll have that blackberry figured out in no time!!! If not, hand it to Morgan and she'll have it figured out in an hour ... teenagers seem to have more technosavi than we do ... oops, is that my age showing???