Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nothing special...

Aaargh!!! I lost my phone at the racetrack yesterday. Before it was turned in someone ran it over. I was still able to make phone calls, but the phone kept shutting off and the screen was broken. I couldn't see who was calling or see who I was calling. After we got home I headed to Alltel to buy a new one. Well...that turned into purchasing a blackberry. The salesman said how wonderful it was...I could do everything I was doing plus check e-mail or weather from my phone...kinda like having a mini-laptop. Unfortunately, I can't even figure out how (or if I can) change my ringtone...or if I have one :) A friend called and he said he has several friends who struggled with their blackberry at first but now they love them. I sure hope that holds true for me. Right now I feel completely technologically challenged!

The little kitty is doing much better. She's just over three weeks old now. We're still trying to get her to drink out of a saucer and use a litter box. She's eating much more now and awake more. When she is awake she likes to cruise around checking out everything.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Prom night...

Well tonight is my daughters prom. She is going with a good friend from the track, Seth. He's a great kid! Volunteer firefighter, into drag racing, very personable and fun to talk with. Nice change from other young men his age. First we went to the Columbiana park for pictures in the gazebo. Then to the school for promanade. The prom committee, of which Morgan was a part, worked very hard making the gymnasium looking like an "enchanted sea". After their prom at the Firestone Links they will head to Masedonia to Fun and Stuff for a night of games, food and lots of fun. Morgan has to race the first race of the season in the morning...I'm sure her reaction times will be off a little with no sleep...but I'm sure tonight will be worth it.

The last picture in the lineup shows the many sides of Morgan. All dressed up, hair and nails done talking on her cell phone next to her SUV. My country girl princess!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog candy...

Here is a link for an amazing opportunity to win some great paper crafting goodies. Her blog is amazing as well...enjoy looking around.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tiny survivor...

About a day or two after we first found the kitties, Mama moved them to a "safer" place. We kept our eyes open but didn't see any of them but occasionally thought we heard a little "mew". Tonight when I went to feed the horses I was sooo sad to find a little one had apparently been stepped on by one of the horses and was dead. Then as I reached to feed Meg (my haflinger) I realized there was a sweet little grey and white kitty laying in the stall. When I picked her up she didn't look good. Her eyes are matted and she has discharge from her nose. When I picked her up she/he let me know she was frightened, cold and hungry. I tucked her in close to warm her up and headed to the house. After a few phone calls we washed her eyes with a warm cloth, wrapped her in a towel and headed to Wal-mart to get some mama milk replacement.

Currently she's laying on a heating pad but isn't doing great. She/he apparently has a pretty bad cold and is very congested. We're hoping she makes it until Monday when we can take her to the vet. She hasn't eaten much, a couple drops. But I'm hoping she's exhausted from being sick and left on her own and when she gets rested will eat more. If anyone has any suggestions of how to care for this sweet little baby I would welcome any thougths. Little prayers would be good too...I hope she doesn't die.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tiny visitors...

Friday morning I trudged to the barn, umbrella in hand because it was raining buckets...yuck! I took the lid off of the feed tub and when I laid it to the side I heard a faint little "mew". I stopped and listened harder and looked around....nothing. As I went back to feeding I heard several little "mews". Thankfully I had my cell with me...normally I don't during the morning feed. I phoned Jon and asked him to grab a flashlight and come to the barn, quickly. By the time I was done feeding, Jon was there. We did some investigating (aka following the mews) and found this bundle of baby kittens. We estimated their age at about 4 days. By Saturday morning we were worried they had been abandoned because we hadn't seen the Mama Cat anywhere. Fortunately, after laying on our bellies and looking under the floor where the babies were we found Mama hiding in the back watching us very intently. We aren't sure if the 7th baby (the little white & black one next to her) is alive or dead. Mama has eaten the moist food we put out for here and we've been "peeking" in on them daily. The babies should start opening their eyes in the next week. More pictures will follow showing their progress.