Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothing profound....

The winter blah's have officially set in! The economy sucks, my waistline is growing and my co-worker is an idiot!!! It's cold in the house, the closests need cleaned out (oops I meant clothes presses) and the twice daily walk to the barn is like an olympic event. On Sunday it was over 40 degrees, and sunny. I think that must have something to do with it...suddenly 20 feels downright cold again.

Aahh, I feel better after that little rant. I try not to be a negative person. I've been wanting to update my blog, but there wasn't anything "newsworthy" going on. Jonathan had taken my camera to grab a few shots of winter the other day and I'd actually forgotten. He never disappoints with the camera I assure you.

My kids are as different as the sun and the moon, except for their looks. They could never deny being kin, no matter how much they would like to. Jonathan has always been a challenge. From the first year when he refused to drink milk/formula, sleep through the night or ride in the car without screaming (and I mean scream). Through today always wanting to do things Jon's way, not reading all of the directions and always having to pick up the ducks, even when we tell him not to. (poor little creatures must have a mini heart attack everytime they see him coming. That being said, my son is also extremely compassionate and passionate. He loves animals especially puppies and kitties. He loves making people laugh, play games and cuddle in my "love chair". No it's not what you think...that's a hybrid version of a chair and love seat. [dirty minded people :)]

Looking at J's pictures I can get a glimpse of how he sees the world, and what matters to him. I once heard that the traits in our children that make us crazy when they're young are their strongest attributes when they reach adulthood. If that's true, my little boy will grow into a man with loads of love he's not afraid to share, a passion to preserve our earth in all her glory and a competitive drive to send him to the top of whatever ladder he decides to climb.

I hope you enjoy his pictures. As you can tell, blogging is very therapeutic for more need to vent now. God Bless you all...I hope you have peace!

P.S. Don't think I forgot about my beautiful daughter (MoMo, as we like to call her)...I'll tell you all about her too, in a soon to come post.


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Ranting in this way is also theraputic for us!! These photos are fantastic ... wow, he really captured some good shots and you worded your post so beautifully!! Thanks for sharing and know that you are not alone in this "quest for springtime weather"! Soon my dear ... soon!!

Amy Johnson said...

Thanks for ranting. When a Godly woman like you says her co-worker is an idiot, I feel better about myself. I've had to deal with a few 'idiots' myself today and really had to remind myself that Jesus loves the idiots too before I said or did something I knew I would regret! lOL! P.s. Your son is a wonderful photographer!