Monday, February 9, 2009

I saw God today...

While I was on my way to work I noticed this unusual and spectacular sunrise. The picture doesn't capture what I saw. I have never seen a sunrise where the sun shown like a beam straight to the heavens. I reminded me of the spot-lights that used to circle at the drive-in theater's.

I have always been a christian, but have begun studying the bible more and understanding exactly what it means to be a christian. I pray...alot. My family are motorsports fans, mostly Nascar and NHRA drag racing. I was in awe of John Medlen when his son Eric was killed in an on track accident. He was so strong and he credited his faith and the Holy Spirit for his ability to come to terms with his sons death. That was when I decided to "learn" more about what being a Christian really means.

When I saw this sunrise I wondered what the message was. We all pray for things we want, money, healing, families of tragedies, etc... I have been praying for several things, but I've been praying the hardest for my Mom and step-dad. Mark (my step-dad) has Hodgkins disease and it has been very stubborn and not wanting to release it's grip on him. He is an amazingly strong willed, unselfish man who I admire very much! And of course, my Mom is amazing too. They have faced this demon together with great tinacity and grit. Well today, we got some good news...finally. Mark is in remission!!! And while this is just the beginning of another's the journey he's been trying to get to. He will now have to undergo stem cell transplant (his baby umbilical cords) to stay in remission and kick this horrible disease. I am looking forward to Mark seeing Morgan (and Jonathan) graduate from high school, get married and have families of their own...after all isn't that what Pap Pap's are supposed to do?!

I will continue to pray because God works miracles everyday...if you just believe!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What gorgeous photos and yes, I believe that was God shining down on us with this wonderful news!!
Not only did WE get good news yesterday but a young lady (single mother of 2 teenagers) whom I communicate with online also got the CANCER-FREE news yesterday! Praise God for her happy news too!
Thanks Cara for this lovely posting and message!! Believe me when I tell you that Mark & I BOTH intend to be there to share in all the blessed events in Mo & Jon's lives ... right next to you & Frank!!
Have a HAPPY day ... not an easy task during tax time I know, LOL!!!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!!! What beauty! And yes, your Mom is amazing and so is Mark and I'm grateful to call both of them my friends! Thanks again for sharing!

Amy Johnson said...

What a beautiful picture! Isn't it wonderful when nature just touches our hearts so much and brings us closer to God? I'm so happy to hear the good news of your step dad!