Saturday, February 21, 2009

A new experience...

Last night our Marching band was invited to the chevy centre to perform during the minor league hockey game. Morgan is in the front row, second from the left with the dark jeans on. They had their own section and were featured three times during the evening. Once during the local news and between two different periods of the game. They showed them on the jumbo trons and had the spot lights on them...pretty neat for them. Especially since we aren't a big school...Mo's graduating class is something like 65 kids.

While I'm not a fan of hockey...I think it's just an excuse for boys to be boys, we had a good time. Actually the opponents (Motorcity Machines) goaly was sooo much fun to watch. He was very limber and had warm up routines that made him look like a frog...but I think he enjoyed playing to the fans. I think it's a guy thing. He actually ended up winning the game for the team. They were tied even after overtime and they had a "shootout" (I think that's what it was called). This is were one player from the opposing team tries to get a goal...they go back and forth one on one 5 times. Whoever has the most goals after 5 tries by each team wins. The machines won!

I have been a "Band Mom" for 6 years now and I really love it. The other Moms on our board of boosters are wonderful. We laugh and usually get into more trouble than the kids:) That's probably because our band kids are so well behaved we get bored! We have the most amazing, thoughtful and well behaved kids really...we do!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sun...where's the sun?

I haven't felt very inspired lately. Guess that's why I haven't posted. Life has been very very busy! I'm sooo ready for spring. The warmth of the sun coming in the window, the crocus's peaking up from their wintry home and the wonderful sound of the birds letting us know spring is finally here. I looked this pic up on-line. Can't you just imagine walking down this lane with only a sweater gloves, no hat and no scarves!

I don't want to overlook the blessings we've received. My step-dad has finally tested negative for cancer...first time in a year. We are surrounded by amazing friends! The kind you can lean on and they are happy to hold you up. My Josie is still hanging in there.

This past wednesday was a horrible day. After work I stopped to fill the oil candles at church. When I was finished I knelt at the alter and prayed. He answered my prayers that night in the form of a phone call to my kids from Michael Stanley and an evening with friends whom I love dearly. A day that had started sooo bad ended sooo good.

Tonight Morgan's school band will play down at the Chevy Centre in Youngstown for the phantoms hockey game...and I am a chaperones. Therefore...I'd better get going.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I saw God today...

While I was on my way to work I noticed this unusual and spectacular sunrise. The picture doesn't capture what I saw. I have never seen a sunrise where the sun shown like a beam straight to the heavens. I reminded me of the spot-lights that used to circle at the drive-in theater's.

I have always been a christian, but have begun studying the bible more and understanding exactly what it means to be a christian. I pray...alot. My family are motorsports fans, mostly Nascar and NHRA drag racing. I was in awe of John Medlen when his son Eric was killed in an on track accident. He was so strong and he credited his faith and the Holy Spirit for his ability to come to terms with his sons death. That was when I decided to "learn" more about what being a Christian really means.

When I saw this sunrise I wondered what the message was. We all pray for things we want, money, healing, families of tragedies, etc... I have been praying for several things, but I've been praying the hardest for my Mom and step-dad. Mark (my step-dad) has Hodgkins disease and it has been very stubborn and not wanting to release it's grip on him. He is an amazingly strong willed, unselfish man who I admire very much! And of course, my Mom is amazing too. They have faced this demon together with great tinacity and grit. Well today, we got some good news...finally. Mark is in remission!!! And while this is just the beginning of another's the journey he's been trying to get to. He will now have to undergo stem cell transplant (his baby umbilical cords) to stay in remission and kick this horrible disease. I am looking forward to Mark seeing Morgan (and Jonathan) graduate from high school, get married and have families of their own...after all isn't that what Pap Pap's are supposed to do?!

I will continue to pray because God works miracles everyday...if you just believe!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothing profound....

The winter blah's have officially set in! The economy sucks, my waistline is growing and my co-worker is an idiot!!! It's cold in the house, the closests need cleaned out (oops I meant clothes presses) and the twice daily walk to the barn is like an olympic event. On Sunday it was over 40 degrees, and sunny. I think that must have something to do with it...suddenly 20 feels downright cold again.

Aahh, I feel better after that little rant. I try not to be a negative person. I've been wanting to update my blog, but there wasn't anything "newsworthy" going on. Jonathan had taken my camera to grab a few shots of winter the other day and I'd actually forgotten. He never disappoints with the camera I assure you.

My kids are as different as the sun and the moon, except for their looks. They could never deny being kin, no matter how much they would like to. Jonathan has always been a challenge. From the first year when he refused to drink milk/formula, sleep through the night or ride in the car without screaming (and I mean scream). Through today always wanting to do things Jon's way, not reading all of the directions and always having to pick up the ducks, even when we tell him not to. (poor little creatures must have a mini heart attack everytime they see him coming. That being said, my son is also extremely compassionate and passionate. He loves animals especially puppies and kitties. He loves making people laugh, play games and cuddle in my "love chair". No it's not what you think...that's a hybrid version of a chair and love seat. [dirty minded people :)]

Looking at J's pictures I can get a glimpse of how he sees the world, and what matters to him. I once heard that the traits in our children that make us crazy when they're young are their strongest attributes when they reach adulthood. If that's true, my little boy will grow into a man with loads of love he's not afraid to share, a passion to preserve our earth in all her glory and a competitive drive to send him to the top of whatever ladder he decides to climb.

I hope you enjoy his pictures. As you can tell, blogging is very therapeutic for more need to vent now. God Bless you all...I hope you have peace!

P.S. Don't think I forgot about my beautiful daughter (MoMo, as we like to call her)...I'll tell you all about her too, in a soon to come post.