Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm RICH...

No, I didn't win the lottery....No, I didn't rob a bank....No, I didn't come up with the cure for cancer....but Yes, I am rich.

For a day that had it's ups & was a great day. I have had the fixings for chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies for a while, but haven't gotten around to actually baking them. Well, tonight was the night. Everyone was home and in the house, chores and running done by 7:30...a rare event in our household lately. I had put beef stew in the crock pot before work, so dinner was ready.

So as I'm mixing up my dough my daughter stopped in the kitchen to chat about her new friends and her exciting evening at the mall. My son also popped in and out to rattle off a thought or two. Meanwhile, hubby fired up the amp and started playing his guitar, figuring out new songs, stuff like that. There was no TV distracting our attention away from the family.

At one point hubby calls us in to watch an old video on youtube of Ted Nugent (one of his favorites). As we're watching I realize what a nice evening it is. We're all together!!! Enjoying being together!!! Sharing our passions, stories, days events, even dancing around the kitchen to daddy's playing. For that, I am Rich!! My children are truly a gift from God, but then again isn't everything. I was blessed to find my husband who has the same committment to our marriage as I. Mom, is a true gift. She taught me how to be strong, but tender at the same time, how to love unconditionally. Mark has an amazing gift of strength and quiet faith, and his intelligence in not only books but life is incredible.

I could go down the list of my riches, but I think you get the idea. Have you measured your wealth today? Not your bank account...but your everyday blessings and riches.

By the way, the cookies all turned out great. I'm not sure how long they'll last. Here's a couple of pictures...I know now you want one, huh? Should I put the coffee on? hehe


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Yummmmmmmm ... these look so good! Maybe I'll whip up a batch today myself!
In these troubled times, it's SO difficult to realize our blessings and I'm so glad you are able to do that and share it with all of us. By you sharing this story, I'm sure others will stop and take a good look around them and also realize just how blessed we are.
I didn't really realize it at the time, but my biggest blessing came on 9/3/69 when God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl who has grown in to quite an extraordinary woman. Keep up the good work my dear ... the world needs more "good folk" like yourself!! Love ya ... Mom

Dr M said...

In what I do...I see truely "Rich" people as well as unfortunately those who missed out on this wondeful lesson. When it's all said and done...the riches you speak of are the ONLY ones that truely matter. You are as wise as you are rich.
Dr M

Amy Johnson said...

What a wonderful thing to read this morning. Yes, you truly are rich indeed! Praise the Lord!