Saturday, November 29, 2008


Presenting my hubby...Frank. Playing guitar, one of Frank's passions. My DH always told me he was a simple man! Anyone who knows him would beg to differ. However, once you get to know him, and grow with him as I have, you will know he really is a simple man. Just too full of emotion and passion to display it in a "manly" fashion. Manly, an extremely big part of who he is. The hunter gatherer who you can count on when the car dies or washer won't work. While he's not one to cry at funerals (if you can get him to go) or get weepy eyed when a friend has a new baby, he shows his friends and family he loves them with his actions. The night this picture was taken (Thanksgiving Eve) we gave a pink guitar to a new friend who's daughter was in a terrible car accident a year ago and (while fighting hard) prognosis isn't great. This amazing family came into our lives by chance and have made a huge impact on Frank. To see the rare emotion publicly displayed when my hubby presented this guitar to Kris (the Mom) was a reminder of the passion locked inside my "simple man"!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Take the time...

What a week it has been!!! Nothing like a couple close calls to remind you what really matters. During church Pastor Scott reminded us of the Sabbath. That doesn't necessarily mean keeping a whole day open and you do nothing...although wouldn't it be nice to spend that day just visiting and no chores. All you need to do is "steal" a few minutes here and there. It could be taking the time to scratch your favorite fuzzy buddy, have a cup of tea with your best friend, read a story with your kids or drink in a sunrise or sunset.

You would also be amazed how good it feels being nice. We tell are kids to be nice while we get frustrated with the person who sits at the green light, roll our eyes when the cashier calls for a price check for the patron in front of us or slight the waitress on her tip when she forgets the ketchup. We never know what a difference just being nice could make. Maybe the person sitting at the light is lost in thought because their Mother just passed away. While their checking on the price say Hello you just might make a new friend. And as for the waitress...she remembered your fries!! We all have hectic, frustrating, stress filled lives. But if we slow down half a step, take the time to love our friends and family, soak in the view of God's amazing creation we call earth and treat people the way we would like to be treated...Wow just imagine.

Friday, November 7, 2008


OK, it's official. Me and the children have fallen off our apple cart! You never saw three people more excited over an egg!!! We have been waiting, checking and threatening to squeeze some chickens if they didn't start laying soon. We built them a beautiful new home "The Taj ma Chicken" complete with nesting boxes, roosting boards and as an after thought put an old drawer on the floor for the ducks to sleep in. Guess where our first egg showed up...yep the drawer. If your wondering about the color, yes it is green. We have a couple chickens called Aracaunas and they lay green eggs. They vary from whitish-green to closer to a light teal color and I absolutely love them. The inside looks no different from a white or brown egg. But they certainly are a conversation piece. Hopefully I will have all fresh eggs for my holiday baking.

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