Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy, Busy Best Friend...

I was shocked and sad when I realized I hadn't posted in 10 days. Time sure is flying. Fall definately is a time of chores when you've spent your summer "playing" at the track. We supplement our regular heat with a wood burner. Not just to save money, but the heat is warmer. We also have a fireplace in the living room (another house selling point...too bad there isn't one in the bathroom!) that we enjoy burning in on cold evenings. When we first moved in (13 years ago) we split by hand! I can't believe my Grandfather split everything by hand, what a man! It didn't take long to purchase a splitter, now I can split too...wait that didn't work out right. haha

My BEST FRIEND is my precious dog Josie!!! She follows me everywhere, doesn't care what mood I'm in, hugs me when I cry (she really does, she wraps her head around my neck) and "talks" to me in the morning. Even when I'm splitting wood, she lays in the bark and shavings close by. I sure am gonna miss her when she's gone. They say your dog waits for you in heaven...I sure hope so!!!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Wow ... now that's a pile of wood!!! When you think back, it certainly is amazing what the "old timers" had to do to take care of their families. We don't always appreciate how good we have it!!
Josie-dog looks sad ... maybe she thinks YOU are working too hard!!! (I know I do!!)

Dr M said... I frequently say..."Gotta Love Old Dogs."